Source code for labgrid.strategy.bareboxstrategy

import enum

import attr

from ..driver import BareboxDriver, ShellDriver
from ..factory import target_factory
from ..protocol import PowerProtocol
from ..step import step
from .common import Strategy

[docs]class StrategyError(Exception): msg = attr.ib(validator=attr.validators.instance_of(str))
[docs]class Status(enum.Enum): unknown = 0 barebox = 1 shell = 2
@target_factory.reg_driver @attr.s
[docs]class BareboxStrategy(Strategy): """BareboxStrategy - Strategy to switch to barebox or shell""" bindings = { "power": PowerProtocol, "barebox": BareboxDriver, "shell": ShellDriver, } status = attr.ib(default=Status.unknown) def __attrs_post_init__(self): super().__attrs_post_init__() @step(args=['status'])
[docs] def transition(self, status, *, step): if not isinstance(status, Status): status = Status[status] if status == Status.unknown: raise StrategyError("can not transition to {}".format(status)) elif status == self.status: step.skip("nothing to do") return # nothing to do elif status == Status.barebox: # cycle power self.power.cycle() # interrupt barebox elif status == # tansition to barebox self.transition(Status.barebox) self.barebox.boot("") self.barebox.await_boot() else: raise StrategyError( "no transition found from {} to {}". format(self.status, status) ) self.status = status