Source code for labgrid.driver.common

import subprocess
import attr

from ..binding import BindingError, BindingMixin
from .exception import ExecutionError

[docs]@attr.s(eq=False) class Driver(BindingMixin): """ Represents a driver which is used externally or by other drivers. It implements functionality based on directly accessing the Resource or by building on top of other Drivers. Life cycle: - create - bind (n times) - activate - usage - deactivate """
[docs] def __attrs_post_init__(self): super().__attrs_post_init__() if is None: raise BindingError("Drivers can only be created on a valid target")
[docs] def get_priority(self, protocol): """Retrieve the priority for a given protocol Arguments: protocol - protocol to search for in the MRO Returns: Int: value of the priority if it is found, 0 otherwise. """ for cls in self.__class__.__mro__: prios = getattr(cls, 'priorities', {}) # we found a matching parent priorities attribute with the matching protocol if prios and protocol in prios: return prios.get(protocol) # If we find the parent protocol, set the priority to 0 if cls.__name__ == protocol.__name__: return 0 return 0
[docs]def check_file(filename, *, command_prefix=[]): if + ['test', '-r', filename]) != 0: raise ExecutionError(f"File {filename} is not readable")