Source code for labgrid.driver.filedigitaloutput

import os

import attr

from ..factory import target_factory
from ..protocol import DigitalOutputProtocol
from ..step import step
from .common import Driver

[docs] @target_factory.reg_driver @attr.s(eq=False) class FileDigitalOutputDriver(Driver, DigitalOutputProtocol): """ Two arbitrary string values false_repr and true_repr are defined as representations for False and True. These values are written to a file and read from it. If the file's content does not match any of the representations it defaults to False. A prime example for using this driver is Linux's sysfs. """ filepath = attr.ib(validator=attr.validators.instance_of(str)) false_repr = attr.ib(default='0\n', validator=attr.validators.instance_of(str)) true_repr = attr.ib(default='1\n', validator=attr.validators.instance_of(str))
[docs] def __attrs_post_init__(self): super().__attrs_post_init__() if not os.path.isfile(self.filepath): raise Exception(f"{self.filepath} is not a file.")
[docs] @Driver.check_active @step() def get(self): with open(self.filepath) as fdes: from_file = return from_file == self.true_repr
[docs] @Driver.check_active @step() def set(self, status): out = self.true_repr if status else self.false_repr with open(self.filepath, "w") as fdes: fdes.write(out)