Source code for labgrid.driver.power.eg_pms2_network

import re
import requests

from ..exception import ExecutionError

# This driver implementes a power port for the EG_PMS2_LAN & EG_PMS2_WLAN
# devices, it works through a simple HTTP interface, that requires a login.
# Driver has been tested with:

# The default HTTP port for usage via the SSH proxy.
PORT = 80

# The login was successful when we can locate a Log out button
LOGIN_SUCCESS_REGEX = r'<div class="boxmenuitem"><a href="login\.html">Log Out</a></div>'
# Search for a string similar to: "var sockstates = [1,1,1,1];" and create
# a match group out of the numbers within the square brackets.
SOCKSTATES_REGEX = r"var\s+sockstates\s+=\s+\[([01]),([01]),([01]),([01])\];"

[docs] def login(base_url: str) -> None: """ Use the default password 1, because labgrid doesn't support password encryption, modifying the password doesn't secure the device as the password would be stored as plain-text. """ login_url = f"{base_url}/login.html" try: response =, data={'pw': 1}) except requests.exceptions.ConnectionError as err: raise ExecutionError( f"Device not found at {base_url} or the network interface of the " "device is not active (press the reset button on the device)" ) from err if response.status_code != 200 or not, response.text): raise ExecutionError("Login to Energenie web interface failed")
[docs] def logout(base_url: str) -> None: """ After a successful login, the session is reserved for the IP address. Logout explicitly to allow accessing the device from different hosts. """ response = requests.get(f"{base_url}/login.html") if response.status_code != 200: raise ExecutionError("Logout from Energenie web interface failed")
[docs] def power_set(host, port, index, value): base_url = f"http://{host}:{port}" index = int(index) assert 1 <= index <= 4 value = 1 if value else 0 login(base_url=base_url) response =, data={f'cte{index}': value}) response.raise_for_status() logout(base_url=base_url) if not response.status_code == 200: raise ExecutionError(f"Switching socket at index {index} " f"{'on' if value else 'off'} failed")
[docs] def power_get(host, port, index): base_url = f"http://{host}:{port}" index = int(index) assert 1 <= index <= 4 # Fetch status login(base_url=base_url) response = requests.get(f"{base_url}/energenie.html") response.raise_for_status() logout(base_url=base_url) match_group =, response.text) sockstates = [int( for x in range(1, 5)] return sockstates[index - 1] == 1