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"""Rest interface for controlling power port, using PUT / GET on a URL.

      model: rest
      host: '{index}/value'
      index: 3

  Will do a GET request to to get current
  relay state, expecting a response of either '0' (relay off) or '1' (relay
  on), and a PUT request to with request
  data of '0' or '1' to change relay state.


import requests

[docs] def power_set(host, port, index, value): assert port is None value = b"1" if value else b"0" r = requests.put(host.format(index=index), data=value) r.raise_for_status()
[docs] def power_get(host, port, index): assert port is None r = requests.get(host.format(index=index)) r.raise_for_status() return r.text == "1"