Source code for labgrid.util.agents.sysfsgpio

This module implements switching GPIOs via sysfs GPIO kernel interface.

Takes an integer property 'index' which refers to the already exported GPIO device.

import logging
import os

[docs] class GpioDigitalOutput: _gpio_sysfs_path_prefix = '/sys/class/gpio' @staticmethod def _assert_gpio_line_is_exported(index): gpio_sysfs_path = os.path.join(GpioDigitalOutput._gpio_sysfs_path_prefix, f'gpio{index}') # Deprecated: the exporter can export on acquire, we are leaving this # in for now to support exporters which have not been updated yet. if not os.path.exists(gpio_sysfs_path): export_sysfs_path = os.path.join(GpioDigitalOutput._gpio_sysfs_path_prefix, 'export') with open(export_sysfs_path, mode='wb') as export: export.write(str(index).encode('utf-8')) if not os.path.exists(gpio_sysfs_path): raise ValueError("Device not found")
[docs] def __init__(self, index): self._logger = logging.getLogger("Device: ") GpioDigitalOutput._assert_gpio_line_is_exported(index) gpio_sysfs_path = os.path.join(GpioDigitalOutput._gpio_sysfs_path_prefix, f'gpio{index}') gpio_sysfs_direction_path = os.path.join(gpio_sysfs_path, 'direction') with open(gpio_sysfs_direction_path, 'rb') as direction_fd: literal_value = if literal_value != b"out": self._logger.debug("Configuring GPIO %d as output.", index) with open(gpio_sysfs_direction_path, 'wb') as direction_fd: direction_fd.write(b'out') gpio_sysfs_value_path = os.path.join(gpio_sysfs_path, 'value') self.gpio_sysfs_value_fd =, flags=(os.O_RDWR | os.O_SYNC))
[docs] def __del__(self): os.close(self.gpio_sysfs_value_fd) self.gpio_sysfs_value_fd = None
[docs] def get(self): os.lseek(self.gpio_sysfs_value_fd, 0, os.SEEK_SET) literal_value =, 1) if literal_value == b'0': return False elif literal_value == b'1': return True raise ValueError("GPIO value is out of range.")
[docs] def set(self, status): self._logger.debug("Setting GPIO to `%s`.", status) binary_value = None if status is True: binary_value = b'1' elif status is False: binary_value = b'0' if binary_value is None: raise ValueError("GPIO value is out of range.") os.write(self.gpio_sysfs_value_fd, binary_value)
_gpios = {} def _get_gpio_line(index): if index not in _gpios: _gpios[index] = GpioDigitalOutput(index=index) return _gpios[index]
[docs] def handle_set(index, status): gpio_line = _get_gpio_line(index) gpio_line.set(status)
[docs] def handle_get(index): gpio_line = _get_gpio_line(index) return gpio_line.get()
methods = { 'set': handle_set, 'get': handle_get, }