Source code for labgrid.util.dict

This module contains helper functions for working with dictionaries.
import warnings

import attr

[docs] def diff_dict(old, new): """ Compares old and new dictionaries, yielding for each difference (key, old_value, new_value). None is used for missing values. """ for key in sorted(old.keys() | new.keys()): v_old = old.get(key) v_new = new.get(key) if v_old != v_new: yield key, v_old, v_new
[docs] def flat_dict(d): def flatten(d, prefix=()): for key, value in d.items(): key = prefix + (key,) if isinstance(value, dict): yield from flatten(value, prefix=key) else: yield '.'.join(key), value return dict(flatten(d))
[docs] def filter_dict(d, cls, warn=False): """ Returns a copy a dictionary which only contains the attributes defined on an attrs class. """ assert attr.has(cls) fields = set( for a in attr.fields(cls)) if warn: remove = set(d) - fields for k in sorted(remove): warnings.warn( f"unsupported attribute '{k}' with value '{d[k]}' for class '{cls.__name__}'", stacklevel=2 ) return {k: v for k, v in d.items() if k in fields}
[docs] def find_dict(d, key): """ Recursively search for a key in a dictionary Args: d (dict): The dictionary to recursively search through key (str): The key to search for """ if key in d: return d[key] for v in d.values(): if isinstance(v, dict): value = find_dict(v, key) if value is not None: return value