Source code for labgrid.util.expect

import string

import pexpect

[docs] class PtxExpect(pexpect.spawn): """labgrid Wrapper of the pexpect module. This class provides pexpect functionality for the ConsoleProtocol classes. driver: ConsoleProtocol object to be passed in """
[docs] def __init__(self, driver): "Initializes a pexpect spawn instance with the required configuration" self.driver = driver self.linesep = b"\n" pexpect.spawn.__init__(self, None, maxread=1)
[docs] def send(self, s): "Write to underlying transport, return number of bytes written" s = self._coerce_send_string(s) self._log(s, 'send') b = s return self.driver.write(b)
[docs] def sendcontrol(self, char): """Send control character to underlying transport, e.g. Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Z.""" char = char.lower() try: ord_ = string.ascii_lowercase.index(char) + 1 self.send(bytes([ord_])) except ValueError: raise NotImplementedError(f"Sending control character {char} is not supported yet")
[docs] def read_nonblocking(self, size=1, timeout=-1): """Pexpects needs a nonblocking read function, simply use pyserial with a timeout of 0.""" assert timeout is not None if timeout == -1: timeout = self.timeout return, timeout=timeout)